Our Mission

At ecoü, we’re ready to enact real change when it comes to the health of the planet…  and we would be delighted if you joined us on our mission!

If you’re anything like us, then chances are you care about the environment and want to help but being environmentally conscious isn’t always easy nor convenient. We understand that it can be a love-hate relationship with single-use products like plastic bags, bottles, and straws because it just makes our busy lives, well… easier.  But we also know that 8 million tons of new trash find its way into the ocean every year, contributing to a Pacific Garbage Patch that is now three times the size of France!

Because of this dilemma of doing good versus doing what’s convenient that ecoü was born!  It was from this desire that we wanted to find easy solutions that can be realistically implemented into our busy lives. Not only did we want high quality products we love and trust but also be a brand that believes in simplifying life without sacrificing quality all while being more eco-friendly.   Being eco-friendly can be conducive to any lifestyle!

With ecoü, you can be a more eco-friendly you!

Our Vision

Our vision is to shine a light on current environmental issues while simultaneously empowering consumers to become eco-friendlier through the adoption of everyday products that are both innovative and greener alternatives to those they use regularly.  Leave your legacy, not a landfill.

Our philosophy is neither radical nor rigid in nature, but instead grounded in the assumption that change starts with each and every one of us simply wanting to act.  From the estimated 100 million marine animals that die every year from plastic in the ocean, to the rapid rate at which arctic glaciers are melting, the current state of our planet can no longer be ignored or brushed off as someone else’s problem to “fix”.

We want to bring awareness on just how surprisingly simple it can be to adopt small changes that foster big impacts.  You see, ecoü is predicated on the very notion that even the smallest of efforts over time can culminate in huge changes.  We’ve created products that you would not only use on a day-to-day basis, but actually come to love more than their traditional non eco-friendly counterparts!  We figure, if we create and curate products that are truly wonderful, will it even matter that they’re green?  With ecoü, an eco-you and an eco-me can achieve big, big things!

Leave your legacy, not a landfill!

“Let’s Be Clear” Campaign

From our concern over the current state of the ocean and our love for convenience, came our first campaign launch and eco-friendly products!

Let’s be clear, the single-use plastic straw is one serious problematic environmental hazard.  In the last year, the plastic straw has been given a lot of attention from the media.  You may have even seen the heartbreaking viral video of the poor sea turtle with a plastic straw lodged up his nose.  From our concern over single-use plastic straws and our love for the use of a straw is what lead to the inception of our “Let’s Be Clear” campaign.

The focus on “Let’s Be Clear” campaign features clear, high quality, shatter-resilient glass straws that not only offer a welcome departure of the hazardous disposable straw, but also a seriously enjoyable drinking experience!  Just like the moniker suggests, our straws are totally clear, meaning you can effectively and thoroughly clean them, as it is extremely easy to notice any traces of food and beverage residue, or makeup that have been left behind.  Unlike other alternative straws such as metal, paper, or bamboo, ecoü glass straws are clear and transparent… easy to see, easy to clean!

With our clear glass straws, you can forget all about ingesting chemicals and drinking from a dirty straw, because our straws are non-toxic and designed to be easy to clean, especially with our all natural and organic soap!  So, go ahead and run these straws in the dishwasher or use our all natural and fragrance-free foam soap to give them a thorough wash.  Either way, your straws will be sparkling clean and devoid of both health risks and that dreaded soapy aftertaste!

Our complementary straws and soap are our first of many products that we hope to offer you to not only make your life a little easier, but to also help you develop more environmentally friendly habits.  Together we can do some serious good for the environment.

With you and ecoü, the future is looking greener already!


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