ecoü hydration bar: Blue Moon Yoga & Pilates at Chukchansi Park

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“The best investment you can ever make is in your OWN health and the health of OUR planet.

Leave a Legacy, not a landfill.

le ecoü family

Cheers to health and happiness! We’ve received so much love and support from our family, friends, and community and cannot thank everyone enough. In celebration of our first event and requests for our raindrop bottles, we’re sharing our favorite infused water recipes!

There’s no better refresher than water and nature’s goodness. As proud sponsors of the Yoga & Pilates in the Park event, we wanted to bring awareness to being eco-friendly and ultimately provide refreshment and hydration to the yogi’s post work out.

4 Summer Inspired Infused Water Recipes:

Cool Hydration: Cucumber & Lemon – – – HYDRATION

Berry Refresher: Strawberry & Blueberry – – – RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS

Summer Detox: Watermelon, Mint, Lemon – – – SKIN HEALTH

Blue Summer: Blueberry, Orange, Cucumber – – – VITAMIN C RICH

Pictured Above: Berry Refresher Infused Water in ecoü’s Raindrop Bottle with an ecoü standard glass straw

With our “Let’s Be Clear” campaign, we focus on being transparent. We love the quality and smoothness that glass provides. Not only does each sip feel smooth we can use them with peace of mind knowing and seeing that our re-usable straws are clean. Have you ever wondered what could be lurking or stuck inside your re-usable straws? We did, which is why we choose #glass. Shatter resilient and made of the same glass material as the popular Pyrex ® glass kitchenware.

Thank you for being ecoü – a more eco-friendly ü

Photos shared from attendees of the event. (Instagram)

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